Conservative and cosmetic denistry


Conservative and cosmetic denistry

A beautiful smile is our best business card.

Those who want to ensure that their teeth are healthy need regular check-ups. For this, we recommend a visit once every six months. This ensures early detection of potential problems which may avoid expensive root canal treatment and pain.

In our Multimed Medical Clinic, we put special emphasis on prevention, as everyone knows, prevention is better than cure. We are aware of how some patients are stressed by visiting dentists. To minimize stress, in parallel to the friendly and professional attitude of our specialists, we use safe and modern methods of anesthesia.

In our dental offices in Lublin, we comprehensively care for the beautiful healthy smile of our patients. We solve various problems, so that our patients can free themselves from discomfort and smile with greater confidence. In addition to filling defects under aesthetic dentistry, we also carry out procedures to improve the attractiveness of the teeth, for example, teeth whitening, reconstruction or tooth reconstruction. So that each patient's smile gains a new glow.

Our range of services in the field of maintenance includes:

• Filling cavities with the latest generation of composite materials

• Reconstruction of broken teeth

• Cosmetic reduction of the space between the teeth

• Tooth reconstruction on fiberglass

• Changing the shape and color of teeth

• Whitening of discoloured dead teeth

• Overlay teeth whitening

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